Tao Community

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We are more than just a group of companies. We are a Community.

We Are Tao Corporation.

We are a Community of Companies focused on supply-chain services founded in 1995 and established as a holding Company in 2003.

We are proud to be amongst the Philippine's top 500 Companies in our industry. We are rapidly growing.

Our consolidated group revenue makes us one of the Top 100 Corporations in the Philippines, an income derived from investments in our core businesses: HEALTH & WELLNESS, DISTRIBUTION AND MARKETING, RESOURCES AND FINANCIAL SERVICES.

We are a powerhouse of 3,000 employees. Our actions are guided by our philosophies.

We must constantly create and add value to our customers.
We should recognize the natural gift of people and help develop them to find fulfillment in their work and passion in their life.
Anything we do is only meaningful if it makes a positive difference in someone's life.

We have a heritage of  long-term and close relationships with customers, clients and global principals.