HealthSolutions Enterprises Inc.

G/F Tao Corporate Center, 2291 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City

Contact Number:

TEL (632) 8365858 to 62, FAX (632) 8365863, Service Hotline (632) 8365853

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Our Capacity

Our people have a combined experience of nearly 700 years in the field of healthcare. This, along with the financial strength and operational excellence of our holding company, TAO Corporation, in supply chain and distribution, is the bedrock of our organization.

Exclusive and authorized* distributor  of:

  • BARD (USA)
  • CareFusion - Vital Signs (USA)
  • 3M (USA)
  • Fresenius-Kabi (Germany)*
  • Vigeo SRL (Italy)
  • Wuhan (china)
  • GE Healthcare (USA)
  • Medela (Switzerland)
  • Megadyne (USA)
  • Masimo (USA)
  • Verathon (USA)
  • Troge Medical (Germany)
  • Siemens (Germany)
  • Zoll Medical (USA)
  • Medtron (Germany)
  • Volpara (New Zealand)

About HealthSolutions

HealthSolutions Enterprises, Inc. is  a healthcare solutions provider engaged in the importation, distribution, sales and marketing of high quality medical equipment, devices and supplies, and clinical diagnostics.

What we believe in

HealthSolutions believes in being an integral part of the hospital’s organization as a source of innovative solutions to help power the medical practice and provide the best possible healthcare and safety for patients and medical practitioners. 

HealthSolutions believes in an integrated business approach to deliver end-to-end expertise, service and assistance that satisfy the entire hospital’s infrastructure and mission in the fields of critical diagnosis, disease alleviation, life support and total patient care. 

HealthSolutions believes in being an  active partner of the hospital in planning for strategic healthcare advancement, cost-effective medical services and high-quality patient care facilities.

Recognition & Awards

We are happy that our efforts to become the best are recognized by the following award giving bodies:

  • 2014 GE Healthcare Awards for Philippines' Dealer of the Year
  • 2014 Siemens' CP Partners Award in ASP
  • 2014 Megadyne International Quota Buster
  • 2014 Megadyne Regional Partner of the Year
  • 2013 GE ASEAN Best Growth in Anesthesia Award
  • 2013 Siemens' Healthcare CEO Award for Extraordinary Effort and Dedication
  • 2013 Siemens' HCP Division Partner Award
  • 2012 GE Healthcare ASEAN CEO’s Award for Growth (MS & Anesthesia)
  • 2012 Medela’s Appreciation Award for Commitment (Global Business Partner Meeting)
  • 2012 Siemens' HIM Division Award during the ASP Cluster Healthcare Meeting
  • 2011 GE CEO’s Award for Champion of Growth (OSA)
  • 2011 Siemen's Financial Excellence Award in Asia Pacific
  • 2011 Masimo Revenue Achievement Award APAC
  • 2010 Masimo Asia Pacific Outstanding Sales Performance
  • 2009 Megadyne Award of Excellence for Outstanding New Partner
  • 2009 Megadyne International Quota Buster 
  • 2008 Siemens' Best Dealer Team SP Champions in Asia Pacific
  • 2008 Siemens' AX Champion, Country Champions Philippines
  • 2008 Bard's "Highest Sales Growth in the Territory and Product Range"
  • 2007 Gold Medal from GE Datex Ohmeda for the “Best Growth Award Emerging Market”
  • 2007 Vital Signs’ International Rookie Distributor of the Year for the sales achievement
  • Bronze medals in top line performance for Anesthesia and Ventilator. Power Combo innovation was honored for “best practice.”

Health Solution


We shall be the country’s leading strategic partner of medical institutions, professionals, and world class providers of integrated healthcare solutions.


We are a reliable and dependable partner of the healthcare industry in providing quality patient care, maximum medical professional’s safety, and innovative end-to-end hospital solutions while leveraging on our people and cost effective systems in delivering our commitment to significantly contribute in building a healthy nation.


CareFusion (Vital Signs,) U.S.A.

  • Pressure Infusors
  • Anesthesia Flex-Mask
  • 2 Limb Adult Breathing Circuits
  • Limbo Single-limb Circuits
  • Pediatric Breathing Circuits
  • Resuscitator Bags
  • Modified Jackson Rees
  • ABG Syringes with Heparin
  • Disposaview Head Positioner
  • Endotracheal Tube, Reditube

Bard, U.S.A.

  • Foley Balloon Catheters
  • Ureteral Stents
  • Ureteral Catheters
  • Biopsy Instruments

3M, U.S.A.

  • Red Dot Electrodes


  • Decomat Decontaminating Mat

GE Healthcare, U.S.A.

  • Carestation 600 Series
  • Aespire Anesthesia Machine
  • CS30 Anesthesia Machine
  • Procare Patient Monitor – B20/B40
  • Carescape Monitors – B650/B850
  • Carestation R860
  • ECG Machines
  • GE incubators
  • GE infant warmers
  • GE LED Phototherapy Lamp
  • GE Corometrics (Fetal Monitors)


  • Mega Power – ESU Generator
  • Mega Vac (Smoke Evauator)
  • Mega Soft – Reusable Return Electrode
  • Electrosurgical Tips & Pencils/
  • Grounding Pad


  • SET Rainbow Pulse Oximeters
  • RAINBOW SET Pulse CO-oximeter
  • Patient Safety Net
  • Emma Mainstream SpO2 Capnograph

MEDELA, Switzerland

  • Suction Machines
  • Thorax Drainage System

SIEMENS, Germany

  • Ultrasound
  • Freestyle Ultrasound
  • X-ray Systems/SP
  • Mammography Systems
  • R/F Systems
  • C-arm Systems
  • Core*    CT-Scan*
            Cat Lab*
            Nuclear Medicine*


  • Infusion pumps (Volumat)
  • Syringe pumps (TIVA, MC)
  • IV Fluid Infusion Sets

Wuhan, China

  • Surgical Gauze (pre-cut, lapsponges, gauze balls)
  • Surgical Mask (Tie-on & Ear-loop)
  • Bouffant (Nursing) Cap


  • IV Cannula
  • Vensite Safety Plus 
  • VenocathPlus
  • Vensite Safety Sine
  • Venocath Novo Plus
  • Venocath Novo Sine


  • Video Laryngoscopes
  • Blades and Baton

MEDTRON, Germany

  • Injectors         
    Accutron MR
    Accutron CT-D

VOLPARA, New Zealand

  • Volpara Software