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Hygiene Science

HySci’s mission is simple:  go beyond clean by employing the latest in the science of protection in human health and animal health.

About Hygiene Science

Hygiene Science Inc (HSI or HySci) is Tao’s endeavor to be at the leading edge of sanitation solutions.  Observing that today’s current disinfectant methods and chemicals do not comply with WHO and other standards,  HySci offers NASA-level, high-grade, food-safe , broad-spectrum microbe shields for hand, surface and textile disinfection for hospital, industrial, corporate and household use.


The company’s experts employ scientific techniques that lower sanitation labor cost with prolonged protection against viral, fungal, bacterial and mold exposures.


  • Hygiene Pro™ Surface Disinfectant 500 ml, 4 liters, 20 liters
  • Hygiene 24™ Hand Microbe Shield 50 ml, 500 ml, 4 liters
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