I.Can Capital Lending Incorporated

Warehouse 4A, Ignacio Complex, #48 A. Rodiguez, Manggahan, Pasig City.

Contact Number:

(632) 836-5849

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iCan Capital

About I-Can Capital

We are I.CAN CAPITAL LENDING INCORPORATED, one of the financial arms of the TAO Community of Companies.

iCan Capital

Our goal is to help realize TAO's commitment to financial empowerment and social responsibility to the clients of its community of companies. Our core business is lending to small and medium enterprises.


To be the primary partner in financial empowerment of TAO clients..
Financial empowerment is defined as access to capital, financial inclusion, literacy and discipline. Social responsibility includes responding to the following needs: health, insurance, education, housing, cultural development, disaster management and risk reduction, and capital build up. We work for sustainable access to social programs and services thru a robust financial infrastructure (distribution, collection, remittance).


I. CAN will provide for capital requirements of TAO clients in order to sustain and scale up their enterprises and at the same time provide fund requirements for other needs to help in TAO clients’ total development, enhancing all facets of human development. Not having access to the means to address social needs will make enterprise vulnerable and risk hard earned business (social programs are effective risk management interventions and makes good business by making the client the center of all TAO companies).

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