New MarketLink Pharmaceutical Corporation

Tao Corporate Center
#90 P.E Antonio St. Ugong, Pasig City Philippines, 1604

Contact Number:

(632) 836-5838 to 47

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Our Unique Selling Proposition

  • Non-Threatening:  Not own products to compete with Principal’s
  • Good relationships with selected niche segments
  • Competent marketing/salesforce
  • Continuous human resource development

Our Core Values

  • Social Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Empowerment
  • Discipline

Our Core Business

NEW MARKETLINK PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION is primarily engaged in importation, sales, promotion and distribution of a diverse specialty line of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical-related products. These products are sourced from companies whose offices and manufacturing facilities are located in various parts of the globe and sold on Philippine territory under their own trademark. They are imported as finished products, semi-finished or raw materials.

Our People

The people of NewMarket Link, at all levels and at all times, continue to uphold and live out the values that give the company its heart and soul. The image of the company we project in our day to day operations is an outward manifestation of an inward personality --- shaped by Filipino tradition and conduct. While others rely only on product quality, New Marketlink trusts and counts on its people.

About New MarketLink

New MarketLink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC), was borne out of the marketing and distribution expertise of Marketlink International Corporation (MIC). MIC had made significant steps in building and strengthening its position in the Philippine pharmaceutical industry leading to a significant growth of its business over almost one and a half decades.

Today, the new company, NMPC, fueled and propelled by the holding Company, TAO Corporation, is poised to undertake bold moves to further establish the new company as a respected leader in the pharmaceutical industry and become a valuable component of TAO Corporation’s mission of building communities and people.

NMPC began its commercial operations in December  2006. It took over and continued MIC’s expertise in importation, sales, promotion and distribution of a diverse specialty line of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. With enhanced strategies to boost competitiveness, renewed focus on performance, and a passion to serve its customers, NMPC is ready to take on the challenges of the future.

Our Organizational Structure

NMPC’s  management and staff have years of outstanding track record in the field of pharmaceutical marketing. Our employees proactively respond to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry by networking with various reputable medical organizations and associations on their requirements and on current pharmaceutical trends . Manpower deployment of more than 100 field force calling on more than 13,000 physicians nationwide ensures the widest geographical coverage possible.

Divisionalized organization and exclusive group by volume per specialty line allow more flexibility in handling products without any conflict and give focus on each product, providing better market share for the partner principal and comprehensive information for the medical practitioner. Management’s many years of success in developing respectable market share for its principal is proven by the number of companies it has started which are now firmly established and occupying leading positions in the local.


Our Vision

We are a professional healthcare MARKETING company.

We continuously INNOVATE the way we do business.

We are a key PARTNER in the fulfillment of the right of every Filipino to  quality healthcare.

Our Mission

To save the lives and improve the health of the Filipino people, by providing specialized, high quality and value for money medicines and health products from around the world, in a manner that is beneficial to all stakeholders

We are proud to have the following in our product portfolio:

  • No. of Products (branded/generic) 46 Items
  • Total No. of SKUs 73 SKUs
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