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Our trade name, combines best practices in health and wellness for both families and employees under one convenient roof. It is a one-stop-shop clinic that is affordable, accessible, with great customer service. 

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About PrimaryCarePlus, Inc.

With TAO’s continuing commitment to the field of service, we ventured into healthcare to provide quality medical care for the entire community especially the uninsured.

PrimaryCare Plus, Inc. is a subsidiary of TAO Corporation and is committed to providing high-quality healthcare to Filipinos.

Our People

Our highly credentialed staff is trained to support and respect the qualities that uphold your corporate culture and employee needs as well as serve the surrounding communities.



When you visit PrimaryCare Plus, your healthcare is our highest priority, and we take pride in providing a positive experience for each and every patient. The interior design of our facilities is a direct reflection of your desired patient experience and provides a functional environment conducive to health and treatment.

We ensure that patients receive continuity of care as we offer fair pricing for cash and credit card payments including those patients with no health insurance. All our prices are clearly posted, so you’ll know how much to pay before treatment.


PCPI Inc. can implement automated program administration, utilizing the latest diagnostic equipment. We also maintain Electronic Medical Records to support comprehensive patient tracking, reporting and quality-management initiatives to provide you with relevant business intelligence.


Primary Care Plus, Inc. is committed to promote health, prevent and treat diseases in a caring, affordable, and accessible manner. We shall provide quality care and programs that adhere to the highest standards of the community.


Primary Care Plus, Inc. has its vision to be a leading provider of excellent, accessible and compassionate primary healthcare for all.

Our Values

  • Safety

    We at PrimaryCare Plus, Inc. reduce to the barest minimum injuries, infections, harmful side effects and other dangers to clients and to staff.We uphold the culture of continuously committing to achieve service to patients manifesting a certain degree of excellence.

  • Service

    We demonstrate sensitivity for the needs of others by showing appreciation and respect for the dignity of all persons. We exhibit concern for the feelings of others through actions that express thoughtfulness, attentiveness and confidentiality.

  • Professionalism

    We dedicate oneself to consistent and excellent public service. At PrimaryCare Plus Inc. we encourage the presentation of positive image of himself / herself, exhibit behaviors that demonstrate competence, reliability, self-control, honesty, and appropriate overall appearance while rendering service.

  • Innovation

    We encourage the implementation of unique, creative and cost-effective solutions.  We empower the team to become efficient, productive, and be of service to others. We commit to creating a way for the team to make something extraordinary.

  • Concern for Environment

    We demonstrate responsibility for maintaining an environment, which is conducive to the work of PrimaryCare Plus Inc. We take necessary measures to assure that the work area and the Company, as a whole is kept safe, neat, quiet, clean and organized.


We are located at the heart of Quezon City— specifically at 873 Diamond Arcade, Aurora Boulevard cor. St. Mary Street, Cubao, Q.C.

It operates from Monday through Saturday (closed Thursday & Sunday), 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

What Makes Us Different: Our Unique Selling Proposition.

Products & Services

  • Consultation

    At PrimaryCarePlusClinic,our medical professionals can help you with all your family's wellness needs.

  • Primary Care

    Family Medicine and Internal Medicine are medical doctors who specialize in the total health care of the individual.

  • Medical Specialists

Medical specialists are doctors who have completed advanced education and clinical training in a specific area of medicine (their specialty area).

  • Surgical Specialists

    Surgeons are medical doctors who specialize in evaluating people with potential surgical problems and performing surgical operations and techniques.

  • Radiology/Testing Services

    Radiologists are medical doctors who specialize in performing and interpreting diagnostic imaging tests. They read X-rays and scans, such as chest X-rays and ultrasounds.

  • Occupational Health

    PCPI Inc. values every employee in an organization. We offer a variety of pre-employment and ongoing drug screenings and blood testing services. We will also handle all of your ongoing employee physicals (Annual Health Screening), including medical clearance and pre- employment requirements that are tailor fitted according to the industry needs.

  • Diagnostic

    We have state-of-the-art facilities. We are focusing on out-patient care, on-site testing and fast, accurate results. Having everything in one place(Laboratory, X-ray, Ultrasound, and ECG) saves you time and money. All laboratory, x-ray, pathology and imaging reports load directly into the electronic medical record for review by all of your physicians who can communicate with each other electronically.

  • Community Health

    We support community and health centers in their efforts to provide access to quality health care and related services for the diverse communities they serve with an emphasis on low-income and uninsured population.

  • Medicine acupuncture and traditional Filipino "hilot"

  • Counseling

    We help patients and families evaluate their patterns of problem solving and develop more effective ones.  We also provide health teaching and guidance to patients in need of information on medication, its side effects and indication as well as preparation for diagnostic procedures.

  • HMO

    PrimaryCare Plus is also accepting various health cards including Intellicare, Maxicare, Philcare, etc. with which patients who are members may gain access to medical services offered.


    PrimaryCare is now offering new health and wellness cards that will help keep you healthy all year long.

    • Membership cards Earn points to get loyalty card to avail discounts.
    • Loyalty Cards The patient is typically entitled to either a discount on the current availment or an allotment of points that can be used for future use.
    • Pre-paid Cards For loved ones who preferre to avail discounted package.
    • Gift Cards Great gift for special occasions to someone you love and care most.

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