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The Tao Community's diverse affiliates enable it to establish a broader service platform to a wide range of markets.

Strength in Numbers, Strength in Community

The Tao Community’s diverse affiliates enable it to establish a broader service platform to a wide range of markets.

TAO continues to build a business community here and abroad through its investments in infrastructure, resources, technology, logistics and distribution.

Each step and business move echoes the company's commitment to cast a positive impact on the lives of  its many  stakeholders, clients and consumers.

The continuing success of the Tao affiliates proves that there is strength in both numbers and community.

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Radio Republic Profile

We help you discover groundbreaking music made by Filipinos in whatever genre from wherever they are in the world.

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Ynion General Holdings Profile

Yngen Holdings, Inc. is a 100% Filipino-owned company with its main office situated in Manila. It is a progressive firm made up of several companies with competencies in various fields and industries such as shipping and logistics, technology marketing and fine foods.

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Snaptech Profile

Snaptech Inc. is a GPS location-based tracking and transport monitoring solutions and service provider to enterprise-level customers in the petrochemicals supply chain and fast moving consumer goods distribution sectors.

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AVSeneca Construction Corporation Profile

Located at Pasig City, Metro Manila. AVSeneca Construction was established on December 2002, by a group of visionary practitioners who banked on their expertise and experience in the fields of construction, building residential houses, warehouses and cold storage to some well known companies and corporations with combined experienced of over 15 years.

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