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Health and Wellness

A group of companies that fulfill the Community's commitment to providing accessible and affordable healthcare in the Philippines.

Accessible and affordable healthcare for all Filipinos

Members of Tao Community's Health and Wellness Group work together to fulfill the company's commitment to providing accessible health- and nutritional-care to the Philippines.


The country's need for accessible, affordable healthcare presents a unique range of challenges. The diverse competencies of TAO's groups from its pharma businesses to hospital supplies ventures puts it in a position to address this demand in a sustainable way.   

HealthSolutions Enterprises Inc. provides industry solutions and services to more than 20,000 medical doctors in over 400 hospitals, drugstores and institutional accounts nationwide. The company represents leading brands in the Philippine market such as GE, Siemens, 3M, Bard, Megadyne and Masimo.

New MarketLink  Pharmaceutical Corp. is one of the top 10 local pharmaceutical companies with brand leadership in niche healthcare markets.

Total Nutrition Corp. is the Philippine national franchisee of General Nutrition Center (GNC), USA. It operates 44 retail stores nationwide.

Hygiene Science Inc. (HSI)  responds to today's need for high-level disinfection and protection in healthcare, industrial, and homecare settings. The advanced, food-safe and eco-friendly formulations and hygiene protocols provide sanitation solutions that result in peace of mind and cost savings for the clean-conscious market.

Each of TAO's healthcare and wellness companies, while diverse,  are building blocks  bound by a synergy and common goal to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to all Filipinos.

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HealthSolutions Enterprises Inc. Profile

HealthSolutions Enterprises, Inc. is a healthcare solutions provider engaged in the importation, distribution, sales and marketing of high quality medical equipment, devices and supplies, and clinical diagnostics.

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New MarketLink  Pharmaceutical Corporation Profile

New MarketLink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC), was borne out of the marketing and distribution expertise of Marketlink International Corporation (MIC).

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