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Tao Commodity is commited to sowing the seeds of progress in agriculture for national development.

Sowing the seeds of progress

The Philippine agriculture sector is one of the largest contributors to the nation’s economic growth. TAO Commodity understands the pivotal role that agriculture plays in national development.

TAO Commodity Trader, Inc. is one of the largest traders of molasses in the Philippines – capturing a 35% share of the market. Its subsidiary, TAO Shipping Corporation owns and manages a 2,518 Metric Tons registered gross tonnage tanker vessel, LCT/Tanker barge and tugboat that transport liquid products such as molasses, oils and other dry cargoes to various parts of the country.

In 2001, TAO Commodity ventured into fuel-trading business and has evolved into one of the largest independent commercial / marine distributors of fuels for Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation.

ComBrands, Inc., TAO’s selling arm for the ready-to-eat Chicharritos snacks, boasts of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Mandaue, Cebu.
TAO Commodity continues to outdo its previous accomplishments by building amenities to accommodate business and industry growth. These businesses include  Leyte Agri Corp.’s bioethanol plant, producing ethanol for beverage/pharmaceutical and  the first to produce bioethanol for fuel in the country; and Southbay’s well-equipped bulk tank terminal in Calaca, Batangas.

With every giant step and venture, Tao Commodity sows the seeds of progress.

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Tao Commodity Trader, Inc. Profile

TAO Commodity Trader, Inc. is the largest trader of molasses in the Philippines.

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Tao Shipping Corporation Profile

TAO Shipping Corporation began its business in 2010. With 2,518 Gross Registered Tonnage(GRT) Tanker vessel, MT Anesia transport liquid products such as molasses and oils.

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ComBrands Incorporated Profile

Combrands, Inc. is engaged in manufacturing, selling and exporting the famous Chicharritos brand of chicharron. It started its business operation in 2008 when it acquired the business and the brand Chicharritos from Alenter Foods, Inc.

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Southbay Bulk Terminal, Inc. Profile

The Southbay Bulk Terminal Inc. has a Total Storage Capacity of 23,000,000 Liters and is currently constructing additional storage tank to accommodate further volume. Equipped with industry standards jetty facilities for relevant port operations, SBTI is looking forward for future enhancement of service to cater the requirements of its clients.

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