Our Core Businesses

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A group of companies that fulfill the Community's commitment to providing accessible and affordable healthcare in the Philippines.

Tao Community's Distribution and Marketing network provides unique opportunities to partners by creating links to different market segments.

Tao Commodity is commited to sowing the seeds of progress in agriculture for national development.

Tao's Financial Services Group aims to empower the masses by providing an extensive portfolio of Accessible Services.

The Tao Community's diverse affiliates enable it to establish a broader service platform to a wide range of markets.

We are proud that Tao has been true to its vision to be a business leader that delivers on its promise to improve the lives of people in the communities where we are at. With our Community of companies we have become stronger as we deliver better products and services and address the needs of the market.

We invite you to explore the core business section of Tao Corporation. And see how we drive ourselves to the betterment of the community and country as a whole.