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e-IMPACT Learning System

“It takes  a whole village to educate a child.”

In the Philippines, the educational system faces pressing concerns.  The lack of classrooms, teachers and textbooks, high drop-out rate  and a low budget allocated for education result in an alarmingly  high population of children who have little or no  access to education.

In order  to address  these  problems  in  education in the public school system, the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Innotech designed the Enhanced Instructional Management for Parents, Community and Teachers (e-IMPACT), a technology-enhanced alternative delivery mode of learning wherein a  peer-led approach is the main process that allows pupils to learn, interact with each other and develop to their fullest potential.

In the e-IMPACT system, every single pupil  has access to modules and Instructional Materials to guide them in their education. More than being trained on how to become facilitators of the learning process, the school faculty learns new perspectives about children and child education. Parents and members of the community become actively engaged in sustaining the system and making it work. Their support is crucial in ensuring  that the learning process continues in their  homes. Thus, in the process of learning with the child, a whole community is transformed.

Recognizing the importance of bringing this alternative learning system to more children, TaosPuso Foundation, in partnership with SEAMEO Innotech and DepEd, began to support public elementary schools in implementing the program. In 2010, TaosPuso Foundation supported Alegria Elementary School in Murcia, Negros Occidental  in transforming its conventional educational system into e-IMPACT.   For School Year (SY) 2014-2015, more public elementary schools in Luzon and Visayas have acquired the e-IMPACT system: Gaya-Gaya Elementary School (Bulacan), Cantil-e Elementary School and Hermenegilda F. Gloria Memorial ES (Negros Oriental).

TaosPuso Foundation believes in the principle of e-IMPACT that through collaboration among Parents, Teachers and  Community , children are provided with an educational system that benefits the masses and reduces the problem of drop-outs.

Beyond supporting the expansion of e-IMPACT school communities in the country,  TaosPuso Foundation  will continue to do its part in advancing sustainable education in the Philippines.


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