Agriculture is our culture and Hatao is our brand.

We, at Tao Seeds, are driven to fulfill our mission of developing and producing the best hybrid seeds in the country and uplifting the lives of Filipino rice farmers.

The distinct characteristics of our seeds suit the preference of our market while allowing our farmers to get a decent profit for every harvest.

Our seed growers are our partners. We grow our business with them. We keep them ahead of the curve by providing them with products that are stress and disease resistant, high yielding, and of superior quality.

To sustain growth, we ensure that our local farmers are up-to-date with modern farming practices and technology through our HaTao Cares training program.

We care for everyone and we believe everyone should eat, especially those who toil under the heat.

Tao Corporate Center,
90 P. E. Antonio Street,
Brgy. Ugong Pasig City, 1604