n. People

People are more than just our namesake.
They’re also our purpose.
We are Tao Corporation.
A company of people.
In the service of people.


We are a community of companies with a vision to feed, sustain life and deliver joy.
Tao Corporation was founded in 1995 and established as a holding company in 2003. It has firmly secured itself among the Philippines top 500 companies through its successful commodities trading, and distribution businesses.
In 2019 Tao Corporation recognized the need to change its strategic direction to have more purpose-driven businesses that can enrich the lives of Filipinos in the areas of Food, Wellness, and Lifestyle.
Tao Corporation recognizes that the Philippines is rapidly changing. The Tao Community is well-positioned to be an active player, servicing the needs of the emerging middle class, by leveraging on its existing strengths and expanding its capabilities in Food, Wellness and Lifestyle.

Food and Nutrition

Branded Foods
Food Manufacturing
Food Retail

Health and Wellness

Holistic Wellness
Health Care and Laboratory
Safe Home Care Products


Leisure / Hobbies
Fashion Brand with - 
Sustainable Fabric Materials

Sustainability and impact are deeply embedded in the Tao Community’s Culture

We operate with the highest ethical standards and place the highest priority on the safety and well-being of our workforce and the protection of our communities and the environment.
We will make a difference by:
•  Creating and distributing innovative products and services that are authentic, of the highest quality and integrity, and deliver beneficial and wonderful experiences to our customers.
•  Establishing a workplace that empowers people to discover their natural gifts, develop their full potential and find love and meaning in their work.
•  Sustaining the stakeholders we work with, our planet, and our businesses by delivering superior results.



to all aspects of people's lives.
And we are determined to do it in every way - and always, always, in a better way.
This is a promise.



Human ingenuity, passion, and compassion are the driving forces behind everything we do.

Only through the account of our people, those who serve with us and those whom we serve, are we able to be where we are now.

That’s why we are committed to empowering them by providing valuable and authentic work and life experiences.

As a People Company, every Tao organization has:

We believe in servant leadership.
We are always thankful, counting our blessings and spreading kindness.
Entrepreneurial Excellence
We create businesses with meaningful purpose through innovation and passionate leadership.
We work towards sustainable solutions for people, our company, and the planet.
We focus on creating products and services that give our customers the most joyful experiences.
Human-Centric Approach
We create an environment where each Tao member finds his/her “Ikigai”. (This is the intersection of a) what you love (passion), b) what the world needs (mission), c) company’s purpose (vision), and what we are good at (expertise).
We commit to keep and honor promises at all times.


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