Julio D. Sy Jr.

Tao Corporation Founder & President
Jun Sy is a passionate entrepreneur who believes in businesses with a purpose. A frustrated rocker and cook, Jun runs his business with a mix of eastern philosophy (the Tao Way) and western professional management discipline. While appearing serious, he is not taken seriously at home. His kids call him “The Plug” for his penchant for solving everyone’s problems.

Cristine Marie Carmel D. Roquim

Director of Information Management and Head of Treasury
A home-grown talent of Tao, Cristine Roquim rose from the ranks from Accounting Manager in 1995 to Chief Finance Officer, a position she held until 2021. Her passion to provide instantaneous data with the use of technology spurred her move to Information Management. She continues to maintain her role as Head of Treasury. Cristine’s other passions are that of being a weekend baker-wannabe to her family and sometimes a weekend warrior with her bonsais, and is a staunch recycling advocate striving towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

Laura Love P. Guevara

President of Tao Foods Company Inc.
Since joining in 2004, Laura has overseen the Group’s legal requirements through advisory services, compliance monitoring and general corporate and litigation legal services. For the past 15 years, she has also been part of the Management Committee helping stir the Group’s growth and transformation which led to her current role as head of Tao Foods Company. This is so fitting as Laura’s fervent interests are good food and wine. One of her favorite past times is participating in the activities of the International Wine and Food Society as member of their board of trustees.

Sebastian Teodoro B. Almazan

Chief Finance Officer
Ted Almazan has more than 22 years of experience in Finance, Audit and Compliance working in local and multinational companies from various industries. Prior to joining Tao Corporation, he served as Country CFO of Grundfos Pumps and IS Support Centre in the Philippines. Ted loves travelling and learning different cultures. In his spare time, he cooks though admittedly, the outcome is not always as expected.
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