Dharma Scoops is a new frozen desserts business created and founded by chef-entreprenuer, Zarah Manikan. It’s main brand, Gelato Manila, has been building a strong following for its premium gelato because of its unique flavor profile made the artisan way. Dharma Scoops advocates local Philippine flavors, ingredients, and culture through its brand, Gelato Manila.

Chef Zarah Manikan studied gelato making in Italy, apprenticed under master Chef Giacomo Schiavon in La Sorbeterria in Bologna. Zarah was a Co-Founder of Bono Gelato serving as its Chef and Head of Research & Development for 5 years, creating more than 150 premium and signature flavors, and dozens of custom-creative collaborations with different brands. She’s participated and won prestigious awards in the premier world competition Gelato World Tour in Singapore and held kitchen positions in World Tour Australia for world-renowed Australian gelato shop: Messina.

TAO Corporate Center

90 P. E. Antonio Street

Brgy. Ugong Pasig City