Tsaa Laya, our line of herbal teas, is the pride of Discovery Tea Craft Inc.. Our teas come from botanical tea leaves that have been cultivated through the best organic and natural farming practices. Above all, they are grown from hope.

Every cup of Tsaa Laya is infused with purpose and steeped in the dreams of hundreds of Laguna herbal makers who depend on our teas for livelihood. It isn’t any wonder that our brews are so much more assuring, more fulfilling, and more life-giving.

Choose among an endless possibilities of signature infusions. And let our tsaa ease your own worries, as well as the worries of our Filipino farmers.

Ruby Commissary Complex,
Seacom Road, Seacom Compound,
Barangay San Antonio 1,
Sucat, Parañaque City 1715